30 december horoscope gemini

The Moon enters curious Air sign Gemini at AM, putting people in a chatty, busy mood today, but watch out for confusion this evening when the Moon clashes with Neptune at PM. The Moon enters busy Air sign Gemini this morning, encouraging you to tackle your to-do list. The Moon enters fellow Air sign Gemini this morning, putting you in a flirtatious mood! Take things slow. The Moon enters Gemini this morning, finding you in a nostalgic mood, craving time at home with loved ones.

The Moon enters chatty Air sign Gemini this morning, bringing plenty of news your way and finding you in a busy mood. The Moon enters Gemini this morning, lighting up the financial sector of your chart and finding you reflecting on security. The energy is cloudy this evening. The Moon enters your sign this morning, Gemini!

The world is on your emotionally wavelength; however, this evening does bring some confusion—find someone trustworthy to talk things out with. Take it slow today, Cancer! Catch up on rest.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Despite your doubts and insecurities, on Christmas day you'll find out just how important your loved ones are for you. When the week hits halfway point, you'll be at a particularly sensitive stage where words could seriously hurt you. You'll understand this on Thursday, when you find very useful answers within. In this increased sensitivity pathway, on Friday you'll find love in tenderness and romance, but on the weekend you'll have to try hard to control your passion.

Gemini Health & Wellness Horoscope

Your week will end on a sad, melancholy-ridden note, so get back your inner child and pull out a smile. If you start your week off taking too much risk in gambling, you're going to lose, because you won't have a lucky environment. On Tuesday, some unexpected expenses could ruin your mood, but the stars predict that there's a financial improvement happening over the next few days. On Wednesday, when experiencing some serious mistakes at work, run a cold-minded analysis and see where you went wrong to sort it out. The drive to overcome this obstacle remains within you; on Thursday you'll find some inner strength that gives a straight direction to your ideas and inner creativity.

Your week will end with new demands: make extra effort to stay focused and not lose energy just because. You're clueless , and doubts and insecurities could eventually take a toll on your potential. The arrival of great sums of money could lead you into excessively risky investments.

On the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, it'll also be very important to listen and embrace advice.

The bustle of holiday preparations could add stress to your already shaky mood; on Monday, there might be slight panic crises and headaches. On Tuesday, if you treat your sore throat properly, you'll see it's nothing too serious, just a mild infection. Wednesday is the key day for you this week.


Here is your horoscope for December 30, 2018

Depending on how you manage to go through your day, you'll come out on top or fall into the void until the end of the month. Thursday could be a healing day, and you'll find that your physical health greatly relies on your mental strength.

Thanks to the power of your mind and your mood, problems will start fading.