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Great wedding dates are not one-size-fits-all. Finally, the astrologer needs to know the location of the ceremony.

8 Common problems every married couple faces:

Celebrity weddings offer a chance to examine the validity of this practice, but beware, the following analyses are limited, as only the dates--not times were made public. Paul McCartney married Linda Eastman on March 12, in London, when the Moon was in a soft sextile to the Sun, offering a sweet friendship kind of energy. Bill and Melinda Gates enjoyed a very auspicious wedding on the Hawaiian island of Lanai on January 1, Nicole Brown and O. Simpson were married February 2, Venus was conjunct Mars, indicating intense passion, but Mars and Venus were squaring Neptune, meaning deception and drugs would enter the marriage.

Before tying the knot, couples can opt for a compatibility reading to see how they relate on all levels, including spiritual, sexual, financial, emotional, and intellectual.

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Couples may also consult an astrologer for a good day to move in together, to buy or lease a house, or to begin construction. A vedic astrologer or jyotisha can prescribe gems for the couple who wish to create custom wedding rings that are powerful as well as beautiful. Diamonds are not ideal for everyone, but correctly prescribed natural gems will balance the energies of the wearer. For couples planning children, astrologers can determine good days for conceiving a child of a desired gender, and find an ideal birth window for a baby should the mother require a scheduled C-section.

They can help with adoption plans as well. Working with an astrologer can help the marriage to go with the flow, so to speak. The couple should insist on someone with experience doing Electional Astrology. Just for fun, if one member of the couple was previously divorced, he or she can challenge the astrologer by giving the date, time, and location of the previous wedding. Jeff Harman is a full-service business and personal astrologer with clients worldwide.

Besides scheduling numerous weddings for clients, he has first-hand experience using these techniques with his wife and son. Marriages done when Jupiter is in Simha does not do any damage to marriages. When Jupiter is in the first five navamshas of Simha it does not do any damage to marriages.

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When Jupiter is in the fifth, vargottama navamsha which is said to be the worst out of all these, it does not do any damage to marriages. In the end, it must repeated that researches must be produced in astrology with evidences to rescue it from fraudulent, foolish and frivolous astrologers. It must also be remembered that in the case of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and other Puranas, the Bhandarkar Institute of Pune has done researches to remove interpolations from various versions.

In the case of astrology such work has not been done. Diffferent publishers have published different versions of many of these books. For instance, one can see different versions of the Brihat Parashara Shastra and see some conflicting versions and contradictions in them.

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It is not difficult to assume that in the Muhurtha books similar interpolations may have taken place. The prejudice attached to Simhastha Jupiter and marriages may be an interpolation. At any rate, through our astrological research we see no reason to accept it as an astrologically valid objection to marriages.

KN Rao, 10 September In these forty eight years they have had a very successful marriage and have one daughter and one son. The husband is a professor in I.

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In these forty eight years of a successful marriage they have two sons. The husband is a government job. Married in September and in these thirty six years of marriage have had a happy marriage with one son and one daughter.

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They are very rich. Married in , has two sons and has been having a happy married life.

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Married in , has two sons and he is in business with a happy marriage. Married in , has a son born in is a trade union leader and has happy married life. Happily married with one son and one daughter. Excellent married life, has children and grandchildren. Three daughters and one son, six grandchildren and has excellent married life. Both are excellently educated, come from a family astrologers but there is a difference between the mental level of husband and wife in an otherwise happy married life. His marriage is good and has two sons. Happy married and two sons. They have faced some crisis in business but the wife, a lawyer, has joined a law firm and is supporting the family very well.

Summary of our findings Table 1: How old are the marriages? Table 2: Marriages in first 5 navamshas of Simha - It is said that marriages should not be performed in with Jupiter in the first five navamshas of Simha. Here we are showing how many out of these cases fell into the first five navamshas and even out of them how many were in the first and the fifth navamsha. Table 3: Marriage with Sun in Mesha.

Brief write up about the cases Is a successful professional singer with a happy married and has two sons. In these forty six years of their married, they have led a very happy married life. They have three daughters and one son all very well educated. Their married life has been the envy of many.

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  4. She is a lady doctor and her husband a plastic surgeon. They have two daughters and now earning very well in Emirates. She, like her husband is well employed. They are orthodox in their outlook and lead an ideal married life. In their thirty six years of marriage, they have had occasional differences only with regard to the education of their two children.

    Otherwise it has been a successful married life. He had a hole in his heart from childhood, had an ordinary educated career and joined journalism as a profession. Later, he joined television channels and is a successful anchor with his handsome face. Married to an orthodox girl, he has been leading a very happy married life with his two children.

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    A very rich man with his wife helping him inhis business and has a son who is now studying in Canada, after a brief spell of study in Australia. The couple have amassed their marriage. The husband has some political ambitions in which he has not succeeded so far. Is a chartered accountant, has two sons and the marriage has survived all these twenty four years inspite of occasional marital tension.